Wordpress one click install hanging

I’ve done this about twice now, but I can’t seem to get the installation page to actually load the password confirmation page…or ANY page for that matter.

I do the following from the dreamhost panel:

  1. Select advanced installation
  2. Run through the advanced installation stuff, everything checks out
  3. Click install
  4. Load installation page when I get confirmation
  5. Enter credentials and click “Install Wordpress”
  6. Anddddd nothing

Anyone else had problems like this? This is INCREDIBLY frustrating…

I’m debating on whether or not I just want to install wordpress manually.


Just tried this manually, and it STILL isn’t working. Pretty sure it’s a server side problem then :frowning:

Submit a Support ticket. They should have an idea on what’s up. It sounds like a pretty straightforward glitch.


Done, although I think I’ve isolated the problem to be completely server side. I tried a deprecated installation of Wordpress and it suffers from the same problem.