WordPress on subdomains


I am new to DreamHost and an aspiring web developer. I have a question or those more knowledgeable than myself in WordPress development.

My goal is to have my main site written in my own code using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and possibly Jquery. However, I would also like to get experience using Wordpress possibly for a blog. Approximately 20% of all web sites are currently run on Wordpress and it would be negligent of me to not learn something about it.

Ideally, I would like my main site to showcase my skills as a developer with links to my various projects-one or more of them being wordpress sites.

Here is my problem. I signed up for Dream Host with one click wordpress installation. I need to know how to move it to a subdomain and then upload my local files to use on my root domain. Do I need to uninstall wordpress and start over? Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

You could uninstall and then start over, but if you want to know WordPress, you may as well learn how to do this kind of stuff. This page in the WordPress codex (which is pretty much the owner’s manual for WordPress) will help:


PMJI : I have about 15 WP sites, aspiring to a few thousand more, mostly now in subdomains created for experimentation. It’s dirt-simple to create a subdomain, create a database, install WP, and get moving on something new. Any new idea can become a new site with its own personality/theme, plugins, and customizations.

Learn the pattern of getting through these basics and you can have a new site up in just a few minutes. I’ve found DH subdomain propagation only takes a few minutes from where I sit on the interwebs, so I go from idea to implementation as fast as I can click.

You can also host your custom work in the same site as WP, with .htaccess to route requests away from WP a you wish.

In addition to the Codex and thousands of blogs on WP tech details, there are a few Very good recent books on WP app development which cover internals as they discuss various concepts. This information is your fast-track to productivity.

That said, once you do get into this the details will keep you busy forever. You can get bogged down for days with nuances of plugins and themes, bugs, difficulties getting information, developers that lose interest in their freeware, and basic “why the heck isn’t this working?” But proficiency grows with time and the challenges just get more complex as you learn ask more complex questions.

Just remember “FOSS is only Free if your time is worthless”. You’re going to pay dearly for this freeware with your time. But I think the time=money price for this software is fair.

Good luck.

I am facing the same problem on a subdomain http://www.blog.birchi.in/wp-admin/setup-config.php. There I already I have wp-config.php file the the server access the same page.
my site where I installed the wordpress is http://www.blog.birchi.in
Can someone have any solution for this problem all the threads are already read but none given any solution

I doubt you’re having the “same” problem. Please open a new thread giving more details of what you’ve done and what you expect to happen.