Wordpress on Dreamhost Issues



Hi guys, I need some help:

Something’s happened with the dreamhost-hosted wordpress, which isn’t happening on wordpress hosted wordpress blogs:

  1. When adding a new post and inserting a hyperlink to the through the blog tools, after adding the url and trying to submit it, it’s bringing up a “stay on this page” or “leave this page” message - on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. ‘Stay on this page’ does not insert the link, and ‘leave this page’ re-loads the post page (and wipes out the blog you were working on).

  2. Clicking on “Choose from the most used tags” simply bumps you back to the top of the page, rather than opening up a big of a cloud-bubble below with a list of most used tags for the blog (thus making it easy to add in tags). ADDITIONALLY: Manually typing in tags, separated by commands, and clicking “add” does nothing… no tags added, no tags appearing below the insert tag line, etc.

Wordpress and all plug-ins are currently up to date.

As mentioned, I have tried this on Google Chrome and IE (so I doubt it’s a browser issue), and I have tried on wordpress hosted vs. dreamhost hosted blogs - on WORDPRESS-hosted blogs, there are no problems.

The problem seems to be on DREAMHOST-hosted blogs.

What’s going on / what’s the fix?

Thanks guys.
Also note: I have tried this on 3 different computers (PC and Apple) - it is definitely wordpress through dreamhost that is the issue.


dalzadar - The first thing to do when this happens is to turn off your plugins and change your theme back to TwentyTen. The reason is because themes and plugins can totally mess with your admin dashboard :confused: Hate it.

If it works with them off, then you’ll have to experiment, turning them on and off again until you find the bad one.

If that doesn’t work, let us know. That definitely isn’t default behavior, and on a clean build on a DH server, I can’t reproduce it.