Wordpress on a subdomain


I need to install wordpress on blog.mydomain.com, but mydomain.com is hosted on other server and the domain is not managed by DreamHost.

I added the following A records:

I also added the domain and the subdomain to DreamHost’s control panel.

Wordpress is installed ok on blog.mydomain.com

ping to blog.mydomain.com resolves ok =>

but when I try to access http://blog.mydomain.com on the browser it doesn’t work (connection attempt to blog.mydomain.com was rejected)

Any clue?


don’t know where you got all of those IP addresses but you can only have one for blog.

Go back to manage domains and click the DNS link under the sub-domain’s listing. After the page reloads scroll down and look for the "non-editiable entries for blog.mydomain.com. the first listed should be an A record with an IP address. Now go add one A record with that IP address on the other host.[hr]
I see what you did orginally you added the IP addresses for dreamhosts nameservers… that’s not what you want at all.

Those IP addresses are our DNS servers. They don’t belong there.

Worked great, thanks!