Wordpress on a subdomain

I tried to use the 1 click install to put Wordpress on my domain, but it wouldn’t let me. So, I made the sub-domain home.ilov3starz.com and put it there. I went into my WebFTP and deleted the quickstart page (Which I shouldn’t have). So now when you go to my site it shows my index and you have to go to home.ilov3starz.com to see my Wordpress. I want to move my WP to the main domain. How do I do that?

Why wouldn’t it let you put it in your domain? What was the error message?

Your main domain should be Fully Hosted. Is your “home” subdomain also fully hosted? When you WebFTP to your account, do you see a ilov3starz.com AND home.ilov3starz.com directories? Hopefully so.

If that’s the case, then you can use WebFTP to do the following:

  1. Rename ilov3starz.com to ilov3starz.old
  2. Rename home.ilov3starz.com to ilov3starz.com

Then use your browser to go to ilov3starz.com/wp-admin and go into Settings -> General and change the URL for your blog.

If all else fails, you can Custom install WordPress into your main site if that directory is empty.

my main domain is fully hosted! when I webFTP my account I only see the main domain. I tried to install Wordpress to the main directory and I get an error message. I don’t know why, the directory is empty.

Did you do a “simple” install of wordpress? Simple install’s don’t give you access to the WP files. If this is the issue redo the install as “Custom” (if you reuse the database from the simple install, you will not lose any work you have done so far on content.)