Wordpress not working

Hey guys, so i tried installing wordpress throguh the one click install.
and when i get he email with all the info and i click the link to make a login, nothing shows up. jsut says page not found.
Furthermore, when i type in my website www.optimizedhealthandfitness.com it says something about a problem cloaking…when i have it fully hosted :S

please help

I’m seeing a directory listing at the above address right now.

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As sXi said, it’s just a directory listing right now. When I click into the wordpress directory, it works.

When you installed Wordpress, you told the One-Click system to install it in /wordpress, rather than just leaving the installation directory blank. I suggest that you delete the installation and try again, but leave that installation directory blank. That way WordPress will be your main site.


same problem with mine hope someone could help us on this.