Wordpress not working out; which one-click install to use instead

I have decided that wordpress is not right for my site at djcryptic. It is too much content. There is a bunch of extra garbage that is pretty much spam on my site that I have spent hours trying to get rid of but cant get rid of it.

I want a platform that allows me to have 2 or 3 simple pages with a few pictures, and a graphic background. It is not that important for me to allow visitors to my site to be able to leave comments, it might be nice though. I might later want to be able to easily imbed a youtube video or a song from soundcloud.com.

I have looked through all the addons that dreamhost has available, and am having trouble picking the right one. I am considering using a basic html and css template, but cant find one that would work for me. I might be willing to spend $10 or $20 dollars for a template, but I’d rather not.

   ~Thanks for your time, any feedback is greatly appreciated~

you might find concrete5 more to your liking. it’s a CMS but more designed for the type of site your trying to build i think.

concrete5 is the best thing since 007 for N64. LakeRat, thanks for the tip. Anyone know how to get rid of the extra garbage at the bottom, or is that embedded in the theme?

I’m talkin bout where it says concrete5 - open source CMS © 2011 Proper Propaganda. All rights reserved. Sign In to Edit this Site

you can easily remove part of that, add

.powered-by {display:none;}
.sign-in {display:none;}

to the bottom of the css for your theme.

Cool, thanks for the tips. I understand that the themes for concrete5 are made with PHP, a language which I have not learned yet, so that’s good. I’m off to the dashboard learn this stuff.