WordPress not showing that I'm running PHP 7.4 it still shows 7.3

I updated my sub-domain blog.mikepolinske.info to PHP 7.4, but it still seems to be running PHP 7.3

Is there some file I need to update to point to PHP 7.4? My panel.dreamhost.com shows that the sub-domain is running PHP 7.4.I even tried restarting my VPS but that didn’t change anything.


Maybe you need to update WP.

I am running WP 5.8, the current version.

What indication gives you that impression.

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I’ve had that problem periodically. I usually do something else to trigger the change, then revert it. My usual one has been going from no www to allowing www. So, I set the PHP to the new version (and set it to auto-update), then change the www part.

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