Wordpress not sending password email




The problem:

Users who are registering to my site are not receiving their password email from Wordpress. My site is fully hosted by Dreamhost and i have a dedicated server. I have tried to contact dreamhost support but they have not replied to my email in 3 days. I am running a business and this problem is having a huge negative impact on our business and my livelihood.

My website is http://www.lolliebids.com

Has anyone encountered the same problem?

If so, please let me know how to fix it.


What version of WP are you using?
What’s the redirect happening after registering?
Did this just start happening? Any plugins you just installed?

Do emails from your domain go through at all? I think I recall DH saying there was an issue with some domains being blacklisted awhile back on the blog or status page.

PS. Disregard the above the email worked fine in my test registration so I’d suggest checking your spam filter…

Subject: [Lolliebids.com] Your username and password
From: “Lolliebids.comafifi.kifli@live.com
Date: Sat, May 19, 2012 8:05 am
To: testuser@domain.com



Your from line is troubling:

You are not live.com. Pretending to be live.com in your emails will lead to a lot of email providers blocking your mail. Use a real email address under your domain (e.g, wordpress@lolliebids.com) to send mail from.


Great catch Andrew. The OP should setup a forward only account like info@lolliebids.com or webmaster@lolliebids.com and forward that to his live account if that’s how he wants to get emails.

I tend to setup 4 accounts almost religiously when setting up a domain,

postmaster@ - usually a forward to the domain administrative contact
webmaster@ - usually a forward to the web developer
abuse@ - usually just a forward to postmaster
info or sales@ - usually a forward to sales staff



I too am having the problem of new registration password emails not being delivered to the new user. I am unaware that we as Admin have any control over system email ‘From’ line. Where is this configured? I have set up a ‘wordpress@mydomain.net’ forward account.

Any help?


Admin confirmations have come through for each registration.

But I modified my email address in the Settings -> General screen so that it was of the same domain as that of the blog. New registration password emails are still not coming through, yet I’ll give it a while to see whether it is just a DH delay.



Are they coming through yet? We had some email drama the last few days.


Not coming through yet!


I see in your support ticket there’s a bit of an SMTP quota issue going on. You can check in the maildir (as suggested in the ticket) to see if the emails are actually being sent or not.

While not a fix to that issue, as a stop-gap you (the admin) can reset their passwords and send them the new ones. Or they can use ‘lost password’ (though given the email issues, that may not work either).



All the ‘undelivered because of over quota’ email originated from WP. I do have spam filtering plug-ins in my WP installs.


If you’re getting over quote from WP, then the real issue here is … you’re sending too many emails :slight_smile: However you already have a ticket for this, and that’s the best place to get help from in your situation.

I’m not entirely sure what we can do to raise your quota, honestly, but support should be able to route your ticket to where we can.

I do know that all latency issues with WP emails should be resolved as of yesterday.


I also have the similar issue. I have a page at http://studio.catsgarden.net/?page_id=132 with a contact form which stopped working in recent. I can see unsent emails under Maildir folder. I have tried the email account from the same domain catsgarden.net, but still not working.


What contact form plugin is that, pengyanlin? Some default to send ‘from’ of the person filling in the form.


New WP registration password emails are still not being delivered to the new user.

And I really need a solution, not just a ‘stop-gap’, which is an extreme disincentive to the prospective customer. I agree that I can implement the stop-gap, but I will lose my customers in the process.

Please help- something is broken!


ActiveCanvas - You’re hitting quota limits. How many emails are getting sent out by that domain?

You may be able to get some relief by using the Configure SMTP plugin - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/configure-smtp/ - just install and turn it on (you shouldn’t need to configure anything). That should run your emails through SMTP which may help.