Wordpress not appearing on FTP



I’m hosting a few sites on my Dreamhost account, and have installed Wordpress on many of them.

I just set up Wordpress on a new domain using the Quick Setup feature. Wordpress installed successfully, but I can’t locate the files via FTP. Anyone know why this would be?

Am I just crazy?


did you do a “simple” one-click install? If so redo it as “custom” reusing the same database. the differnce between simple and custom is that simple is a shared copy in a central repository, custom the files are installed in your own space.



You are a champion. Thanks.


Hi I am having this same problem. However I have already created my entire site. If I switch to “custom” do I risk erasing any of the work I have already done? Also how exactly do I redo the database as custom


Simple installs haven’t been an option for a few months now, are you sure this is how your is set up?


We’ve converted most simple one-click installs to custom one-click installs by this point. Check on your account to see if there is a user with a name starting with “oneclicks_” — if you see one, that’s probably where your install has gone off to.


thanks for getting back to me so quickly, unfortunatly i didn’t fine a user with a name starting with “oneclicks-”. anyother advice?


URGENT: I am having the same problem (trying to find my Wordpress files via FTP) and desperately need to update our wordpress theme quick because a major problem seems to have occurred when we tried updating Wordpress (see http://fearlessnavyseal.com/).

We installed Wordpress several months ago, and I don’t want to loss anything from the site with a Wordpress reinstall.

Thanks for any help.


the error message indicates the files are on your server and should be available to you via ftp. (it’s been much longer ago that there was a “simple” option that used inaccessible files.)

Navigate in panel to “manage domains” and check the “USER” that appears in the “web hosting” column for the domain in question. (this appears to be user “fnseal” from the error message, but double check on manage domains.) Make sure you are using that user when logging in. From your home directory click in to the directory named the same as your domain name, and there you will find your files.


I’m having the same issue…

I entered an incorrect line in some php using the wordpress plugin editor and now i can’t access my wordpress admin pages.

I usually would use WEBftp to find the file and correct it manually but the WEBftp folder is totally empty using AjaXplorer and Cyberduck. BUT, when looking at basic ftp://ftp.rupertlaycock.com… all the files are there!

Please help ASAP!


I found my files… i was accessing my site through the username@mogadishu.dreamhost.com route… I tried username@mydomain.com and it worked!