Wordpress Not Actually Installed

Alright, I’ve been struggling with this for about a week now. I have a site being hosted on DreamHost. I installed installed wordpress on it, but after the install, there was a notification that said that the operation failed. After that, the websites section of the panel showed that i have wordpress on my site, and allows me to click the wordpress button, but when clicking it, I go straight to a 404 page that is all just text (like no CSS or styling it is only text in the right corner that says there was a 404 error).

I’ve checked out the files of the site, and there is nothing related to wordpress, but when I go to manage the website, it says that wordpess is installed, and when I try to uninstall it, I get a notification saying that wordpress isn’t installed.

I’ve tried installing wordpress through the websites page in the panel, I’ve tried One-Click, I’ve tried everything, but it always ends up in this situation. I’m so frustrated.

Maybe one of these Knowledge Base articles will point you in the right direction:


Support are the only ones who can “fix” that issue by clearing the broken links from the system that resulted from the autoinstall failure.

Panel → Support → Contact Support

In the interim you can install WP manually if you’re in a rush.

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