Wordpress no longer emails me


I have my Wordpress (v 1.2.1) set to email me so I can manually approve comments to my blog. It worked with no problems until about two weeks ago – now it no longer emails me when I have comments that need to be approved. I haven’t changed a thing in the options and haven’t upgraded or changed Wordpress at all. Any ideas?


I’m having the same problem with my VBulletin. Dreamhost must have changed something without notifying us. And then one of my cgi scripts just flat quit. Completely. I’m getting a bit unhappy. Now I tried to install Jamrrom, and it won’t happen. I’ve been with these guys since 99 but they are beginning to make me unhappy.

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Wordpress 1.2.1?


You don’t know how many security flaws you’re carrying.

I’ve since upgraded (was waiting for a big deadline to pass), but I’m still having the same problem. Dreamhost’s support was no help at all.

What was their answer?

That perhaps I changed something in the setup or options (I didn’t) and that they don’t support third-party software.

Did you try the WordPress forums?