Wordpress Newbie One Click Install/Help & FTP Newbie

I’m taking a class and running into a couple of issues. Not sure what the heck I’m doing wrong - because I did it right at the beginning of the class to set it up but now that we are nearing the end, I have to set up an additional domain the same way for the final and have forgotten how I accomplished this with DreamHost’s one click install.

*Class on the book Wordpress: The Missing Manual.
*I have secured the domain name for the final and hosting and did the one click install and have the Wordpress username and password (and it is not admin or anything unsecure as recommended, etc. created an ftp username and password through Dreamhost)

*My existing site I have marked not to be searched by Google robots because it’s strictly for this class is: www.andreajyoung.com. But it’s not very consistent so don’t judge please …hee hee. For the past several weeks I have not been able to get on my ftp site. I don’t know if it is because I am doing something wrong with filling out the ftp site credentials with both Cyberduck or Filezilla - but it had worked before and now it is not working at all. I’m not sure what to do. I have looked on the Dreamhost troubleshooting and the Filezilla stuff. After one of of my last assignments, one of the pages - the ‘blog’ posts now has an error on it. I cannot replace the page in the ftp site because I cannot get into it - so I cannot fix it and I need to get this resolved however I get into it.

*The whole issue with the ftp site gets me worried about the new site coming up - I want to ensure I have the database renamed correctly and was hoping that someone could walk me through doing this correctly. I know that I had to rename the sql database and also had to move files into the Wordpress files in Dreamhost. I can’t even get to those files at the andreajyoung.com anymore. From what I have read it doesn’t sound like Dreamhost folks will walk you through any of this - is that correct? It would be super awesome if someone could - I’m not very trusting of just anyone to help me walk through my Dreamhost site and then you know take all my passwords and hack my site. I’m just doing this for a class you know?! Thanks for any tips. Appreciate it.

The one click does all the FTP magic for you. You don’t edit pages with FTP, you do it via http://www.andreajyoung.com/wp-admin :slight_smile: Log in to WordPress. Once you’ve uploaded the files (which the one click did) you never have to touch FTP or the DB again, unless you’re doing something fancy.