Wordpress & my site..suddenly gone!

I have worked non-stop the past few days building my site. the site was hosted on the temporary site metacolor.dreamhoster.com. I was just about to do some final editing and switch it over to www.metacolor.org (which I own through Godaddy)…when I logged in I found all my work gone…just gone. Not only that I cant login in to wordpress. I get a 404 error when I try to login. I tried to install wordpress but it says its already installed on that domain… I of course have all my raw files but I had worked so hard on the formatting…my stomach dropped out when I saw it was gone…

I contacted support but have not got a response. This happened yesterday morning…can anyone help?

It looks like our support team just emailed you. Metacolor.dreamhosters.com is loading well in my browser showing no errors; I can see the default WordPress theme at this time. If you’re still running into issues please reply directly to the email. Thanks!

yeah, I waited 24 hours and never heard back from Dreamhost so I had to delete WordPress and re install from scratch :confused:

While you won’t find out now since you trashed the original install, it was probably something simple that you did that caused the problem.

The clue is here:

It looks like your site is back to normal. It is important that we back up our own works in a shared server.