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Just wondering… if I migrate my Wordpress multisite on your host, can you guys guarantee that it will continue working? Wordpress multisite usually breaks when migrated to new hosting because of some mod_rewrite issues because of that I’m reluctant to transfer, although I like your hosting plans.

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This is a customer discussion forum. To get definitive answers about DreamHost services, contact support:


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Thanks. But I’m not yet a customer. I can’t find a link where I can chat with tech support without buying a package first. Anyway, I tried migrating to Bluehost, tech support over there failed to provide me with a solution. But I think it’s their server setup that prevents WP multisite to run as it does on Hostgator. Different host, different environment.

I don’t want to buy a package only to get headaches later on and then cancel. I had to know if Dreamhost environment supports WP multisite before deciding to migrate.

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You can read the DH Knowledge Base about WP Multisites…


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