Wordpress Multisite Question?


Hi folks.
I have setup a multisite wordpress site for the school that I work at. I have set up a site for each dept and teachers control this using it for putting on homework etc. It is also the main school site so there are sometimes dozens of people using it. My existing host seems to be very slow. I was wondering what would be the best hosting for this sort ofthing, also secure. Costs are the issue as i pay for the hosting myself. I also have a few other sites running too.

Thanks for any feedback.


Ho Thebigman, the WIKI article below should be able to answer your concerns.


So you would recommend just use the shared hosting and tune the wordpress?


I speak as someone who wrote a book on Multisite.

You’re not going to be happy on Shared with Multisite if you get any significant traffic. It’s just not meant for it :confused: If you’re hosting this under the same account as a bunch of other sites too, this will only get worse. Caching, W3TC actually has a Multisite feature so you can control it network wide, will take you partway there, but Multisite really works best on a VPS once you get past a small site :confused: