WordPress multisite install with subdirectories wanting SSL on each site

I have a multisite install set up as sub directories. I have a domain mapper that maps domains to each site. How would I go about adding SSL to each domain and site? I asked DreamHost support but they didn’t know how to do it or if it was even possible (I don’t blame them, I consider myself pretty smart in the field of WP but even this escapes me). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Unless something has changed, dreamhost doesn’t support wildcard Certificates. However I think you can achieve what you want using cloudflare, but not the “check cloudflare in the dreamhost panel” API installed version, but a separately created and linked cloudlfare account.

Although not the same question, see this thread: https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-147127.html

Okay I will check that out. I guess it might be easier to just separate all of the sites into their own install. Crazy to think there is no good way to go about doing this on multisite… Thanks for the help!!

Setting all that up was the easy stuff, though. The SSL part was something I’ve poked at before and given up since multiple domains and one SSL cert is a pain in the ass.
You will need….
An SSL Certificate
An add-on domain
wp-config.php edits
.htaccess edits
WordPress HTTPS Plugin