Wordpress Multisite Domain name Change


I have seen lots of mentions of changing the url name of a single site install of wordpress, but I haven’t seen the same for changing the url name of a multisite install.

Basically this is what I am trying to do:

I have a multisite setup of wordpress.
I have the original site “oldsiteurl.com” and want to change the url to the new fully hosted url “newsiteurl.com”.

Both the new site and old site and hosted by dreamhost, and are managed by the original oldsiteurl.com user/login credentials.

Can I just change/switch the folder names oldsiteurl.com to newsiteurl.com and edit the database and files to update the references from oldsiteurl to newsiteurl.com, or is there more to this procedure?

Thanks for your help…

There’s more to it.


You have to use a special tool to search/replace your DB for this one.

Thanks Ipstenu-DH,

I figured it all out, I changed the wp-config, checked the .htaccess. Updated the wp_blogs, wp_options and wp_site with the “new url name” manually, and updated the database wp_post using the “interconnect it.com” “search and replace tool” making sure to to select the option to not modify the “GUID”.

It is up and working perfectly… Also one note you may have to use the search and replace tool on your theme to get all the bits and pieces to work correctly as I did.