WordPress MultiSite Domain Mapping



yesterday, i spent hours trying to set up a domain mapping for WPMS as i couldn’t figure the item 4 of ottodestruct tutorial

today, a fresh restart, i came across this tutorial of gmichaelguy: My WordPress 3.0+ multi-site domain mapping with GoDaddy
…and the same principle applies to DreamHost, and it’s very simple, you just have to set the Web Directory of the domain to be mapped to the same folder that your WPMS resides
…and to that the domain to mapped has to be Fully Hosted

happy hosting and happy multisiting


Cheers, brasofilo. You should consider adding that info to the wiki. I think more people read it.


done, thanks for the tip!



I am completely stuck on this with different forums telling me different things.

I have a main domain with a MPMS installed. I have the Domain Mapping Plugin installed. I have the network set to Sub Directories.

I have a secondary domain that I want to use with 123-reg.co.uk.

So, should I set the Nameservers to Dreamhost or just have the A Record pointing to Dreamhost?

When I add the Fully Hosted Domain to Dreamhost (The one I am mapping) is it important to set to “Run this domain under the same user” as the main domain


Do I set the Web Directory to be the same as the Main Domain.

I had hair when I started this and the support at Dreamhost has not helped me really.

Any help would be most appreciated!



different forums -> different servers -> different configurations ?
…anyway, ain’t easy to do in DH

DNS = ns1.dreamhost.com , ns2…
Web Directory = same of Main Domain
Hosting = fully hosted

edit: also, I’m not exactly sure it is possible to map domains with Multisite Directory configuration… i thought it was only with Subdomains…



I really want to get this working as I will have quite a lot of sites and I love the one install, one update part of Multi Site.

I thought it didn’t matter whether it was set to sub-domains or sub-directories if you were going to domain map anyway?

I hope you are not right or I will have to start from scratch as I don’t think you can change once it is installed.

Why is this so hard on DH?

Is it easier on other hosting companies?

If so, I may change as MS is the obvious way forward when you run a lot of sites. I have over 10 individual WP site to maintain.



just checked, subdomain are not essential anymore, sub-directories will work

The subdomain configuration is not intuitive in DH…

Anyway, the above linked article can give you some hints.

And as I said the domain you want to map has to be Added as Fully Hosted and its folder point to the same folder of the main domain.



I can’t believe it, I have got it working.

I tried it on a brand new sub site on a different domain I had sitting around with it’s name servers pointing to Dreamhost.

I think the issue is that I did the first one with it’s own Web Directory!!!

Thanks for your input.


Just thought! How does it work now with the Web Directory?

Would I be right in thinking that you can’t have two sub sites sharing the same Theme as their files will be in the same Theme directory?

If you edit a file in one it will change for the other too.



cool, back to regular work then!


Yeah back to work.

To be honest I think using WPMS is a must. It is going to save me hours of monitoring and logging in to other WP builds.

Thanks for your help.



ok, so i’m new to this thread and have done some basic WP setups before, but i am very interested in setting up a multi-site wordpress environment in order to host maybe 20 - 40 sites basically for domain parking with some content.

it appears from the thread you have had some success getting this to work on dreamhost, and i wonder if you could provide even a basic outline for the proper installation and configuration. i see what might be some fairly ambiguous terminology, so the more specific, the better, to the degree that you have time or inclination to do this. i would be grateful, as i hope others would be going forward.

does this require a Virtual Private Server, by the way?

even something in a rough form would be useful, like:

start by installing wordpress v. XX.X in the standard way into a ABC-type account.

use the plug-in found here: and be sure and set X=4 and Y=1.

for each domain, do this:

  • set the blah to blip
  • set nameserver at registrar to ns1.zippity.do
  • add a directory here

here are two things to watch out for:

  • themes can be tricky - so use this tip
  • some other off-the-wall item, but here’s the answer:

this would so help. if someone can provide that, i’d be willing to write up a tutorial as i step through it.

thanks a bunch.