Wordpress Multi Site Mirror Domains

I think it is ridiculous that a DH tech emails me back that they don’t support the Multi-site stuff… really dont understand mirroring… It took me hours of understanding and fiddling to make this work - no thanks to DH

Here goes multi-site set up using mirroring… on shared server

Read this light version description:

You will need this plugin also:

and this walkthrough:

Where WP Multisite uses real domains not folders to generate (clone) the new site. On shared server (can’t use wildcard)
[] You set up a domain from a client say on Go-daddy, they point to NS1.dreamhost or whatever the domain is on DH.
] You create a subdomain on Dreamhost and the domain your client is pointing to DH servers.
[] You make sure the subdomain is using the ROOT of the multisite domain instead of its own natural folder for information when setting it up in DH panel
] You mirror the new domain to the subdomain
[] You use the Wordpress Domain Manager plugin to set up the sites on WP
] You fiddle with it for about 3 hours… just kdding, wait until the dns propogates… flush your dns and all the directions on the link I listed at the top
[*] Pray

The number of actual Multisite Experts on the planet can be counted on two hands. So it’s not really the fault of DreamHost that we don’t have as deep experience with it as we’d like. It’s NOT easy, it’s not simple, and it’s a headache for a lot of people.

So anyway. Can you use Multisite with DreamHost and mirroring? Sure! Your steps are how I do it too. The other thing you can do is if you have the domain with us, you can have mappedomain.com mirror the parentdomain.com and WP is generally smart enough to be happy about that and bounce around. Most of the time that works. Sometimes it doesn’t, and that has to do with WP more than DH and is something being worked on by core devs. The overhaul to that whole setup is a beautiful horror… I think Nacin may go crazy.

Great thanks for validating my techniques here… now if this is posted by dreamhost everyone else can do this much more simply… good luck

Hi torreyrussell,
You have inspired me to give it a try.
But watch out, if I have questions along the way, I will come asking you.
Best Regards

I’ve been running Multisite for a while. If anyone has questions let me know.