Wordpress mu?



Does dreamhost support Wordpress mu? is anyone doing it? I setup the mu software on a new domain, wordpress itself works fine. The problem i am having is when i’m trying to create new blogs inside of wordpress mu. I created the wildcard dns entry pointing to the ip of my ps, but when i visit a newly created blog in wp, i get this error:

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

Is there something i’m missing?


I’m not a PS user, but for for shared hosting, Support has to add wildcards to DNS.



Yup that fixed it. One quick email to support and less than 10 minutes later it was up and running.


Hello munozj

Could you posted here pls ?
I just installed Wordpress MU on Dreamhost and now I have to search how to install wildcard to be able to have subdomain blogs, I have no idea what it is and as i have seen you already know everything and you use the same hosting so for you it should be easy task to explain.
thanks Daniel


Please see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Wildcard_DNS for information with regard to setting up WildCard DNS. You cant set it up, it must be done by DreamHost tech support, as indicated in the link provided above.


Yes thank you for your respond , i already spoke with them and they told me that i need a private server . I dont think that i can allow it if domain is new without any traffic , i told them that i can pay it in case that i will have some traffic , so I need to find some solution to run Wordpress MU without it.


Set it up, then you will need to manually create a new subdomain for each blog that people set up with it set to mirror the content of the existing site, or maybe even share the same document root (Untested), but if you are trying to make something bigger you will just need to get a PS. (Which if you are planning on a large WPMU setup then you should, for the sake of all the other people on the server)


Thanks for your respond , of course I’m planning big site with a lot of traffic , but who don’t and who finally manage to get it , at this moment is database empty , no members , no content , I can plan to have many blogs with a lot of members but I can easily fail like another milions people, to pay from 15 USD -200USD 300MB - 4Gb a month is not cheap for someone who starts . It is big difference when someone has the traffic , they should pay private servers from the money from advertisement etc. . So I think that it is more correct to let the people grow and tell them to pay PS when you really use the space , the server load . Everybody says unlimited domains and unlimited subdomains but in fact everybody is afraid to have it . I understand very well that you cannot have everything for the cheap money (shared hostings are really cheap ) but i think that it is not correct to announce unlimited when everybody wants to limit you with files , etc.
Where is the difference for hosting company when I will create subdomains for MU manually in cpanel or let them create automaticly with wildcard ? No difference server load the same , space the same , everything the same for hosting company , only less comfortable for the client and for me.


Create a PS with 300mb of memory for $15/month and just grow that as you get more people using the site/more money form the advertisements?


I dont understand your question , what do you mean?


Could you just do that?

Alternatively, I’m pretty sure WPMU supports the use of a subdirectory in place of a subdomain.


Yes they allow it , i have to reinstall it from the scratch , but that’s no problem , it is maybe also possible to run it without wildcard because i easily created 4 subdomains in the frontpage because i read somewhere that i can change in wp-config.php vhost from “yes” to “no” , so i did that, everything worked perfect but finally i had problems with login to dashboard with cookies so now im doing new installation from the scratch directly to use the subdirectory instead subdomains . I was asking that questions because I only wanted to avoid new installation which unfortunately didnt worked -:slight_smile:



It will still end up using the same amout of CPU resources so you should keep watch over your CPU usage to make sure you aren’t using too much for the sake of all the other people on the same server.


Because of the script itself or the visitors using it ? Do you mean that the wordpress MU itself is CPU consuming or that every multiuser script has to have the traffic , I don’t understand from the start why are you talking about CPU , domain is new , database empty , no visitors yet , I wish i have a lot of visitors , but i doubt that i should have a lot of traffic in 2-3 years , yes i can have 100 blogs there in one year but if nobody will go there ? they will create the blog and nobody will go there . How do you know that I hit good people who will be interested to visit this site very often. Thats what i say , if multiblog will be visited and my work will get a sense i can pay 15USD and more every month , but why to lose every month 15USD having only 60 visitors every day like most of worldwideweb has , or do you mean from the start that this script is CPU consuming and that even if i will have only 60 visitors a day that my script will use big amount of CPU ?
Im trying to tell you that if i will see that the website will be interesting for the people who will visit it that i dont have a problem to buy more expensive hosting to not limit other people .
I understand you very well what you mean that it is not correct that someone use more CPU and other people on the server suffer . For example on the Bluehost server where i have 25 domains is one forum from China ( i know it because of error logs which i see in my cpanel ) , they are on the same server - share hosting with me and they have 500K members . I dont think that somebody ask them to have less members or to move to another hosting or to change to more expensive one . But do i need to pay with 0 members expensive hosting now because maybe in future i will have half an milion ?[hr]
Wordpress 3.0 which I am going to install will merge MU with standard wordpress and will support multiblog (networks - sites) feature in default so now milions people will have the same script , dreamhost for sure will offer this script in their ONE click install , i dont think that this script is something unusual , CPU consuming .


With respect, your post above is clear indication that you do not understand the CPU and RAM usage load scripts like WordPress can place on a server, even with few visitors. The overwhelming majority of sites with CPU/RAM usage issues on DreamHost’s shared hosts are pre-3.0 WordPress sites that are poorly implemented and cluttered with CPU intensive or poorly written (or both) plugins.

These sites can, and do, crash and fail with far less than 60 visitors a day, and I have seen them fail to load a single user at a time without exceeding the RAM limitations necessary on a shared server.

We are constantly having to explain this to WordPress users who “just don’t get it” because they do not have the necessary technical understanding of how WordPress works and how it use RAM.

What you do with your sites, and how you plan to monetize your sites or pay for your hosting is your decision to make, but our need to keep our shared servers stable and responsive has led us to preclude the use of WildCard DNS on our servers. This could change, at some point, as everything is subject to change, but such a change is not anticipated in the near future.

There are those running WordPress MU right now on DreamHost’s shared servers, using sub-directories instead of sub-domains, and this is allowed as long as the site does not overload the server, but if you want to have WildCard DNS implemented, that is only available to DreamHost customers on DreamHost PS (VPS) servers.

We are still working out how we will accommodate WP 3.0 users using MU mode on shared servers, and there may be a special hosting plan for that at some time, but for now you can install it on a shared server and run it using sub-directories if you have the expertise to do so and your installation does not negatively impact the operation of the shared server.

Support for this installation is not available from DreamHost support staff, however, and if you do this and create a resource problem on the server, our admins will intervene and you will be required to remove the installation or migrate it to a VPS server (or to another host).


Yes you are absolutely right , I’m a computer ignorant , I don’t have a problem to admit that at all .
Wordpress is most running blogging script in the world used by milions of people , about that I dont want to discuss even with an expert from Dreamhost . Why those milions people who are for sure mostly more inteligent than me are using this RAM/CPU consuming script should answer some of them , I only want to know which simple script do you recommend to do not to be afraid that tomorrow I will be asked to remove it. I want lightweight multiblog script where every blog will have max 3-4 pages . I absolutely dont need subdomains (subdirectories is ok)


Wordpress itself it lightweight, however with WPMU, if you have say 20 people using it, and they are making say 1,000 hits a day each that is a total of 20,000 hits to your web server each day. Each page view has to connect to the database, pull the required information, parse the templates and output the data.
Say each page load takes 0.1 of a second to load, that is roughly 2,000 CPU seconds (Theoretically less, some of it will be database connection/query time) per day.

@Any DH Staff: That is correct in terms of calculating CPU seconds, right?


If you like calculating , I will calculate too , 12month per 8.60USD is circa 100USD , I think that I pay enough for have at least 20 users using it every day .
If I will have only 20 people using my websites I will kill myself because I don’t pay 100USD per year and I’m not creating this website for myself or for 5 people to using it .

Why don’t you advertise this Dreamhost conditions on your frontpage?:

UNLIMITED Domains - UNLIMITED Subdomains , UNLIMITED SPACE , NO Wordpress because it would collapse our servers and max to 10 people using those all unlimited things…
In other words as I understand well on dreamhost very probably if somebody exceeds 20 people using their websites would get into the trouble with your TOS?

You can tell me many technical numbers here, but even I’m an ignorant I am sure that if you will continue to explain to the people who wants to start new website without members without any content that 20 users a day and Wordpress MU (which will be merged in v.3.0 with standard wordpress in one month) will cause big CPU/RAM issues you will start to be very popular and you will have a lot of customers…

I pay another hosting on Bl…st for 4 ys., there I have 35 domains , I have never heard from them that there is something wrong with my websites and I’m sure that at least 2 domains of them has more than 300 people using it every day and as I said before on the same shared server is Chinese vbulletin forum with 500 000 members , I don’t want to advertise another hosting here and say that they are better at all because it is not right and maybe also not true but pls. save me from these numbers about 20 people , I have only one domain on your servers , absolutely new , without any members , without any content , you dont have to be afraid about my getting to be very big blogger.


[quote]Why don’t you advertise this Dreamhost conditions on your frontpage?:

UNLIMITED Domains - UNLIMITED Subdomains , UNLIMITED SPACE , NO Wordpress because it would collapse our servers and max to 10 people using those all unlimited things…
In other words as I understand well on dreamhost very probably if somebody exceeds 20 people using their websites would get into the trouble with your TOS?][/quote] We don’t say anything like that on our front page because to do so would be as incorrect as it would be ignorant.

You are trying to make an issue out of something that simply is not an issue. We run tens of thousands or WordPress sites on DreamHost servers and the great majority of those never come anywhere close to using RAM/CPU resources that require our intervention under the TOS.

WordPress can be run intelligently, and in the RAM allowed. This is true for both the the single user and the MU versions - you just are not allowed to have Wildcard DNS on the shared accounts, and you have to keep either version’s RAM and CPU usage under control unless you are paying for the RAM/CPU via a VPS account.

None of this has anything at all to do with unlimited bandwidth or storage - it has to do with the other resources involved in hosting, and we have never represented you could use unlimited RAM or CPU.

The warnings I have given you about resource usage were given to you so you would not feel misled, since you clearly do not know what is involved with resource usage on a web server, and I want to be very clear so you do not feel like you were promised something you can not use.

Some of the WordPress sites here have run successfully with tens of thousand of visitors a day, and they can do this because they are intelligently implemented, use caching wisely, and are not cluttered by resource hungry plugins.

You might consider doing a Google search for “optimizing WordPress”, and doing a little studying about this, before posting again so you will at least appear to know what you are writing about. :wink:


Wordpress itself is not resource intensive, but if you run a WPMU install that has heaps of people using it it will begin to have an adverse effect on the server.

The example I provided above is no problem on the DH servers (Should be no problem). It is when you have 100 blogs hosted through the install making 10,000 hits a day each is when you will start to feel the effects and may be asked to move to a private server.