Wordpress MU problem after DreamHost PS upgrade

After a migration to dreamhost PS we are unable to add media to any of our blog posts in our Wordpress MU 2.6.3 installs on all our domains.
On trying to insert a Media (Jpeg) file (via the Add Media functionality in the Write Post Form) the users now get an error of the form:
“Unable to create directory /home/[domain]/wp-content/blogs.dir/[blog-id]/files//2008/12. Is parent directory writable by server?”

The Upload path in all our blogs is set to "wp-content/blogs.dir/[blogId]/files.

We have multiple domains hosted which have been migrated and on another domain we get a slightly different error: “The uploaded file could not be moved to the upload folder”

We are using the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin.

This functionality is critical to our application!

Any help would be most appreciated.


Those double slashes should be fixed too.

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It actually is [user]/[home]–sorry my bad there in describing the path. The question is what could be causing the Wordpress installation to be passing // to the directory creation code — since this started after the migration to PS it looks like something to do with PS settings.

I don’t use MU, but it looks like someone put a trailing slash after a path in a config file, then WP puts a leading slash for the destination.