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I’m trying to do a Wordpress MU installation and I’m a bit stuck and I’m not sure if I can even do everything I need for what I want.

Basically, I’m going to set up blogs, hawkeye411.com as the base (football), and others for different sports at subdomains (basketball.hawkeye411.com, wrestling.hawkeye411.com and so on). The installation instructions for MU read like this:


Apache must be configured so that mod_rewrite works. Here are instructions for Apache 2. Apache 1.3 is very similar.

  1. Make sure a line like the following appears in your httpd.conf
    LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_rewrite.so

  2. In the directive of your virtual host, look for this line

“AllowOverride None"
and change it to
"AllowOverride FileInfo Options”

  1. In the section of the config file for your host there will be a line defining the hostname. You need to add the following if you want virtual hosts to work properly:

"ServerAlias *.domain.tld"
Replace domain.tld with whatever your one is, and remove the quotes.


If you want to host blogs of the form http://blog.domain.tld/ where domain.tld is the domain name of your machine then you must add a wildcard record to your DNS records. This usually means adding a “*” hostname record pointing at your webserver in your DNS configuration tool.

Matt has a more detailed explanation:

If anyone can tell me if and how I can make these changes I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  • jared


You have to contact support and ask them to setup a wildcard DNS record for your domain. Tell them you need it for a WordPress Mu installation and they will hook you up.

I just did that and did a standard WordPress Mu install and it worked fine.

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