WordPress Move Advice Please

My WordPress site is installed to temp.example.com. I want to point example.com to the WordPress installed directory and get rid of the subdomain.

I barely know what a database record is, so I don’t want to attempt to edit the one-click installed mySql. However, it seems that pointing example.com to the previously installed files on temp.example.com works.

BUT if I now try to remove the subdomain, the database gets trashed too. How can I achieve moving the site files, then deleting the subdomain, and having example.com read from the previous subdomain directory?

My current messy solution is to park temp.example.com. There must be a better way. Thanks.

You could move the whole site. The official WP directions are here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#When_Your_Domain_Name_or_URLs_Change

Is the DB actually getting deleted, or is it just not being available anymore?

Thanks for this. I checked the wp-config file and it points to a database created when I installed to a subdomain. The files themselves are in a separate directory (under the same DH user name), not under the subdomain. So my plan is to simply make the main example.com point to these files and everything will and is working. (I am doing the same thing for two sites, creating new WP sites and moving from Joomla!)

If I delete the subdomain, the db gets deleted, too. So I just want to remove hosting from the subdomain and then everything should work, but I don’t want to try this until I get the green light.

Create a new MySQL hostname using your main domain and use that to connect via wp-config.

Support verified that I could remove my sub-domain from the hosting and keep the db. It appears to work fine. Thanks.