Wordpress missing thumbnail after uploading images



Hello, on the chance that someone here might be able to help, I am reposting here the following inquiry I put up over at WordPress support forums. I am wondering if the culprit might be here at Dreamhost.

This has to do with missing thumbnail option.

This is a brand new WP blog installed on a Dreamhost server. 2.3.3 was installed. The very first batch of 6 images were uploaded. Their sizes:

Pict 1 284 kb
Pict 2 396 kb
Pict 3 520 kb
Pict 4 632 kb
Pict 5 1.4 mb
Pict 6 2.5 mb

All pics are 72 dpi.

All except for 3 and 4 got the thumbnail option.

Dreamhost has GD library version 2 or above installed.

I was trying out WP PicLens. After I experienced the missing thumbnail option, I deactivated the plugin and re-uploaded Pict 3 and 4 that didn’t have thumbnails.

It didn’t make any difference. Still no thumbnail option for those two images.

The only other plugins I am using that are activated are

Google Sitemaps
Breadcrump NavXT Core
All in One SEO Pack

Any other ideas?



The missing thumbs sounds pretty random. What’s the URL of your site?



Unfortunately, the site is behind a private wall. Any theories?


While I am not familiar with that plugin, it seems to me that it is more likely the issue lies with the plugin than with some DreamHost settings (of course, I could be wrong, but I am thinking that if it was a DH setting issue, all of the images might have been impacted).

The fact that the thumbnails worked for some images, but not others, makes me suspect there may bee some difference in the images - are they all the same file type? From the same source? Maybe edited with different tools?

I think finding out why the software treated pic 3 and 4 differently than the others would be a good place to start troubleshooting. :wink:



Are the missing thumbnails for themes in the wp-content folder?

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Yes, we’re working on that right now. So far we’re not seeing differences, but there are few ideas left to try. In the meantime, we work around it by creating the thumbnail ourselves and uploading it. It’s funny. When the thumbnail is uploaded, WP makes a thumbnail of it…

Yes, all the images are in the wp-content/uploads/ directory.