WordPress mirror 500 error for install

For staging purposes a mirror of a site name was created. In that mirror a fresh copy of WordPress was uploaded by ftp. With shell access, permissions were set to 755 for all files in the mirror’s directory. Attempts to complete the installation result in an immediate 500 error.
[]There are no instances of .htaccess in the path to …/wp-admin/setup-config.php
]Creating a copy of .htaccess as appears at the WP codex at document root makes no difference
[]Permissions have been confirmed
]I have noted that shell reports php as 5.5 whereas phpinfo() for the site shows 5.6
[*]There are no entries in error.log

So I’m stumped. What else to do?

A better method with wordpress these days is not to use a mirror.

Force your local computer to use dreamhost DNS servers, or local network to use dreamhost DNS servers, or add an entry to your local HOSTS file.

In my case my local netgear router is the best way for me. Netgear firmware provided radio boxes to switch between “Get automatically from ISP” or “Use these DNS servers” I have primary set to and secondary set to When I need to use dreamhost DNS servers I just hit “use these DNS servers” radio button (the IPs are remembered from first usage) and hit the “apply” button. and now any device on my local network is using dreamhost DNS. When I’m ready to switch back, I just switch the radio button back to “Get automatically from ISP” and hit “Apply”. Most modern routers should have something similar. YMMV.

See also: https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/215415667-How-to-view-your-DreamHost-site-using-your-hosts-file

I can’t find the article that explains using dreamhosts DNS as your local DNS, there was prior in the old wiki but the help pages seem restructured. If there is one, maybe smaffulli will link us to it.

Thanks for the reply. (Wish I’d been notified, but that’s another issue.) I’d seen that hosts suggestion yesterday but for some reason didn’t consider it.

So I edited …\hosts (yes, it’s a Windows box) with site.name www.site.name

And a small measure of progress - rather than a 500 error I get “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”. Something new to work on.

A somewhat off the wall related question: the favicon.ico that appears on the timeout is for Symfony. I’ve got some Symfony applications in development on my system with a local web server so I recognize it. Does DreamHost use Symfony in any fashion?

The non-www and the www should likely be the same IP, but since you didn’t give us the actual domain name I can’t look.

Thanks for the thought. Much appreciated.

Being thoroughly stumped I opened a ticket on the issue. The reply was more than I expected. Kudos to the DreamHost support team.

The support person took a look at our site and found that it had an incomplete WordPress installation. Doubt that I would have ever figured that out. But they also fixed the installation so now it is accessible.