Wordpress/Mediawiki compatible?

Can Mediawiki be installed in and run from a Wordpress subdirectory?

There might be problems putting it in a WordPress sub-directory, but if you remap the sub-dir, there shouldn’t be any problem.

That said, it’s really best to keep these things separate.

I run a site with WordPress in one folder, running from root, and MediaWiki in a sub.

Example! The domain is example.com

WP is installed in example.com/wp/
Wiki in example.com/wiki

If you go to example.com, it loads WordPress

If you go to example.com/wiki it loads the Wiki

WP will ALWAYS honor a real folder over it’s virtuality.

Ipstenu, does that still work when you’ve got MediaWiki URL rewriting enabled (e.g, /wiki/Main_Page)?