Wordpress Login link Not Working - Site Not Found

Automatically installed wordpress through DreamHost and when I click link to admin page on iphone it shows up blank and on my laptop it says it is not found. Received link that ftp is active. I tried to read the WP forums and understand ftp directions. Tried to instead go to ftp server and it is not found. Tried to go to stagecoach.dreamhost.com but that shows up as not available.

I’m not sure what to do and I am one of the least technical people. Please help! Site link is http://www.careersynergist.com

Thank you,

Login to namecheap and set the nameservers for the domain to ns1.dreamhost.com ns2.dreamhost.com ns3.dreamhost.com

that change will NOT occur instantly… give it 12 or 24 hours.

Thank you LakeRat!! I just did that. Hopefully the issue is resolved.

it’s working for me here already… if not for you it should be soon, DNS propagation isn’t the same for every user.