WordPress Login Initial Setup After One Click Install

Hi Folks,
Sometimes it’s the simple things that frustrate us.
Just setting up a new site for client and ready to deploy the site to DH. Set up their account about a week ago successfully.
Using WP and did a one-click-install. Forgot that it would send the WP setup email to the primary email which was the client. Emailed client, and they forwarded the email to me. Clicked the link in the email to setup and it asked me for a new pw (one entry only without a confirmation second entry??). Entered it, then went to login and no joy. Would not let me in then blocked after a few attempts. Fair enough. Despite my care, I must have made an error inputting the new pw.
Went into the dreamhost panel, deleted the WP install, waited a bit, went back and changed the primary email to me. Reinstalled WP and waited for the email. No joy.
Ok, now what?
Where am I going wrong here? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hello soloflyer,

I am very sorry to hear that you are having issues with your WordPress install. In this case, we suggest that you contact our Live Chat team so that they can help you by sending/re-sending the email.