Wordpress login errors



I received the success message from Wordpress/ Dreamhost and followed the instructions to copy the URL
into my browser.
It comes up with a 404 page not found error.
I have read some of the threads, and therefore thought maybe I had not given it time.
It has now been 2 days and still getting the message. Dreamhost has always been my web host. I bought the domain at GoDaddy.
Thank you fir any help!


It looks like your nameservers are not set to ns1.dreamhost.com ns2.dreamhost.com ns3.dreamhost.com


login to godaddy and change the nameservers for that domain to the ones shown above.


Thank you! I did that… now when I connect it shows an error establishing a database connection. Is this because I have not given it enough time? Or do I need to do something else? Thank you so much for your quick reply!!


Did you move the database over to DH? Did you change the MySQL hostname?

You need to verify your database connection in config.php file with your new MySQL connection


Looks like your domain is up now, but your WP site is stuck in an upgrade. Try logging in now and see if you can cancel the upgrade and get to your dashboard. If it still wont work, you may have to point it to a fresh database.