Wordpress Issue: "we couldn't download the wordpress installation files!"



I’m trying to install Wordpress using one click install. I’ve tried it several times since yesterday, but each time, I always get an email about 30 minutes later telling me that it failed. The error message says:

[quote]The problem was we couldn’t download the wordpress installation files!
(Looked at syrma)
Please wait a little bit and attempt to re-install it again later.[/quote]

I’ve waited a while already, and I would rather not install it manually so I can manage the installation better. Anyone know if there’s anything I can do?


Installing manually is really not that tough. I like the fact that I have control over which directory you put WP in… Anyway, if you follow these instructions, you should be fine.

Be sure you can SFTP into your account first, if not, set SFTP up in the Panel.