Wordpress Installed - now need to direct all visitors to that directory

Just setup a new hosting account and domain with DreamHost, after learning the hard way that HostGator is horribly slow for Wordpress for some reason.

I have my domain setup and used the one-click installer (in custom mode) to install the wordpress instance into mydomain.com/blog. Now I just need to know the following:

  1. How I can make it so that visitors to mydomain.com automatically get directed to the /blog directory? Is it just use the ‘Redirect’ setting on the Domain Management settings?

  2. If using the ‘Redirect’ mentioned above - does that negatively impact SEO?

Thanks in advance! So far loving the speed and configurability of DreamHost!

Don’t install to /blog (leave that text field blank). If you don’t want to start over, you have two choices:

  1. Use FTP to move everything up to the parent directory.
  2. Go to the DreamHost panel for Manage Domains and click Edit for that domain. Change the Web Directory so it has /blog added on. Go to your wp-admin for your site and update your Settings -> General for the URL of your site. Hunt down any other incidental /blog settings

Thanks. I tried following your steps but they weren’t working for me, so I wound up just re-doing it from scratch.