Wordpress installation

This may be a very stupid question but I am new to this. I am trying to install Wordpress, but my domain doesn’t show up in the “install to:” scroll down menu. I am logged and my domain is fully registered (as far as I know). Anyone know why my domain isn’t showing up? What did I forget to do?


Go to the manage domains page in the panel. Add the domain there, it must be “fully hosted”. Once you have it fully hosted on the manage domains page, then go back to one clicks and you will find it listed.

Thank you for the reply. The domain is already listed as “fully hosted” so I am not able to fix the problem that way. Other suggestions?

Update: I figured it out, it wasn’t on “fully hosted”. thanks!

Are you asking about kyleemry dot com? That domain is set to “parked”. You’ll need to click “Edit” under the Web Hosting column on your Manage Domains page, and make sure you “Fully Host this Domain”. :slight_smile: