WordPress installation



I want to create a WordPress blog as an entire website. Is there a way that I can stage the blog at a subdomain (ie. test.site.com) and then move the whole thing to the top level of the domain when it’s ready? If I do that, will the WordPress software be placed within the subdomain directory only and need to be moved with the content or will the application function across the entire directory? Or is there another easy way to create a test version before substituting the blog for the current front page (index.html)


The good news is that WordPress has its own internal update mechanism, so if you One-Click install it to a subdomain, then move it to a domain, you can use WordPress to maintain and update the installation.

The bad news is that if you want to keep using One-Click to update the software, you have to install yet another WordPress One-Click to your top domain, then swap the two and export/import the database from the old DB to the new DB.

Or you can kludge it and once your test site is set up, you can change your top domain into a mirror of the test domain. This will be transparent to the user and maintain the One-Click status.