Wordpress Installation Fail -- Attempting to move blog to DH

I have a blog at wordpress.feltbot.com that is redirected to the domain http://feltbot.com/, which is registered and hosted at dreamhost.

I would like to self-host this blog at Dreamhost. I de-linked the wordpress blog from feltbot.com, and tried the DH one-click install of wordpress on feltbot.com in preparation for tranferring the blog contents.

This is what happened:

  1. I got an error message saying I couldn’t install WP on a site already fully hosted on DH.
  2. After I “destroyed” (your word) the hosting of feltbot.com and attempted again to install wordpress I got another error message.

I have now restored the linking between wordpress and feltbot.com, and restored the DH hosting to feltbot.com, so that my blog can be back up while I figure out the problem.

Can you help? Thanks!

When you chose the one-click install did you pick custom installation? is the blog on your sub-domain also a one-click install or was it installed manually and was it a custom install or simple install if it was?

If it was a custom install on the sub-domain its just a matter of logging into your account via ftp or ssh. rename the feltbot.com folder to something else (like old.feltbot.com) and then rename wordpress.feltbot.com to feltbot.com and then update your config files accordingly for url.

No, I picked simple installation. And the blog on my sub-domain was created with a simple wordpress installation as well.

Since you used the simple install the the actual site files themselves are inaccessible by you. I’m unsure about it as far as the mysql database is concerned, however.

With that being said you can use the one-click install on your main url but choose custom installation. If you have access to the mysql database that is being used with the install on your sub-domain it would just be a matter of changing your config file to point to the other the mysql host name, databasename, database user and database password. If you don’t have access to the mysql database I’m sure support can export a copy of it for you and it would just be a matter of importing the information.

Once I get dreamhost set up, it is a simple matter of exporting my site, and importing it here. The wordpress software takes care of it.

Surely you can tell me how to get wordpress set up on dreamhost hosted feltbot, in simple terms that I can understand.

Is this a dream, or a nightmare?

Sure I can. Go to your control panel, and then click on one-click installs. Choose wordpress but instead of clicking on simple install you need to click on custom install. It is going to have a drop down that says install to and you pick your domain. Don’t worry about anything after the / as you don’t want to create a sub-directory so leave it blank. Then there is the select database section. You can either use an existing mysql database you had created or choose to have the system automatically do it for you. Then you just click install it for me now.

Hopefully this helps you out. If not, I’m always willing to install whatever piece of software plus any plug-ins/themes you would also want for a small fee :slight_smile:

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anyhow feltbot, how fares your endeavors?

I was successful with the installation of Wordpress and creating an new database for it too. So Thanks! I got the confirmation email to set up a username and password, but when I went to click on the link http://feltbot.com/wp-admin/install.php it said that the page was not found and it brought up a page thats similar to my blog page only with the error message on it.

On wordpress, I had feltbot.wordpress.com as my primary domain and had feltbot.com redirected to it, but I deleted the feltbot.com so that I would only have one domain. I thought that by doing this I would sever the link between the two domains and would be free to create a new site on the feltbot.com.

I feel that the two domains are still connected together somehow. And everytime I try to search feltbot.com, it redirects me to feltbot.wordpress.com. Would I have to eliminate feltbot.wordpress.com altogether to free up the other domain? It’s all very confusing to me…please advise.


On your DH account in the feltbot.com folder are you redirecting with an .htaccess file? if you delete it or remove the redirection instructions it should stop sending requests to the wordpress.com site.

I’m not sure what an .htaccess file is. How would I find out if I am? And I can just delete the file?

If you weren’t using an .htaccess file then how did you forward requests from your website to the blog hosted by wordpress? The .htaccess file is something you can use to make the server respond in a certain way to certain requests. There won’t be a problem if you just deleted it.

I was doing the redirecting in Wordpress. There was a function that allowed me to add domains and redirect the site to whatever domain that I chose. I could also set which domain to be the primary. I had disabled that function in Wordpress so that the original wordpress.com site is the only domain available, but some how the redirecting is still occuring.

Also how would I access my Feltbot folder in DH? There doesn’t seem to be a file manager or anything. Please let me know if I am overlooking the obvious, because it doesn’t seem like there is to me.


You can log into the DH control panel and go to Manage domains. Under where your domain is click on WebFTP and log in with the user and password associated with it.