Wordpress installation advice requested

I want to switch to wordpress for a site currently hosted on Dreamhost. I need time to set up the wordpress site and don’t want my site to be down during that time. If I install wordpress in a subdomain (and set it in maintenance mode while getting it set up), that would work but then eventually I have to move the wordpress site over to the top level domain, and I read this in the wiki:

“Note that moving a WordPress installation within your own account will prevent you from using the “one-click” upgrade facility of the control panel (as your installation is no longer where the “one-click” installer put it), and you will have to perform subsequent upgrades yourself.”

That seems like a drag so I’d rather just put the wordpress site where it needs to be eventually. But is there a way I can do this without having my existing site down for a week or more while I get the wordpress site designed the way I want it? If anyone has suggestions on how to handle this I’d be grateful. Thanks.

perhaps install it in a folder such as your domain.com/wordpress/

If there would be no conflicts with your current site that would be the way to go I believe.

I’m not an expert with .htaccess files but others here are and there is a wiki page here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Htaccess

When you are ready you can then delete ur current site, leaving the /wordpress/ folder and use re-direct and re-write rules in your domains .htaccess to eliminate the /wordpress/ portion of the url.

You might find this discussion useful. It worked for me:


Thanks to both of you! I’ll try it.