Wordpress Install Problems

Hey Guys,

I’m having trouble installing wordpress blogging. When I installed through dreamhost, I had errors when I went to the install page emailed to me, so I went to the readme file, and fixed the wp-config.php file. My problem now is that using frontpage, I can’t change or upload any files to the /blog folder on my site. I can upload the php file to the main folder, but not to the /blog admin folder. I don’t have server permission. Any ideas? By the way, I’m using frontpage extensions, so not sure I can ftp it up.


Try using net2ftp.

You can access it through the Control Panel under Manage Domains. Click on WebFTP after your domain name.

In fact, you can even edit the config.php file through the net2ftp


I tried that, but I think since I have frontpage extensions, it’s messing up the FTP stuff, I see a very outdated version of my foulders on net2ftp

I don’t use FrontPage, but I can only imagine that it interferes with the normal structure of a WordPress site.

If you use FrontPage for the rest of your site, I recommend that you create a subdomain for your blog that does not have FrontPage extensions enabled.


As I understand it, enabling FrontPage Extensions for a domain changes a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes, breaking a few things, including FTP access and the .snapshot directory.


I think Scott’s recommendation is probably the best option, create a new sub-domain (without FP extensions enabled) for your WordPress Install.


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Accodring to this Dreamhost Wiki Article regarding Frontpage use on Dreamhost, “You also CANNOT use CGI scripts with Frontpage Extensions!”.

PHP, running under suexec on Dreamhost, uses PHP as a cgi to run PHP code; I’m surprised that the WordPress install works at all.

The article also goes on to say that:

[quote]Thus, when we enable FrontPage for a domain, everything for that domain must be owned by dhapache (the user that Apache runs as). There is no way around this.

If you enable FrontPage extensions for your domain, you will no longer be able to edit files outside of the FrontPage program, and you won’t be able to publish, delete, or move stuff via a shell account or FTP. [/quote]
In short, it is “Frontpage” alone, or “no Frontpage, and everything else” Dreamhost has to offer.