WordPress install problem



I finally got WP to install (after lengthy problems with the install links) & I have been working on the site for the last 24 hrs. without problem. All of a sudden, however, it started taking me back to the Go Daddy parked page (both tamaramichellestyling.com AND tamaramichellestyling.com/wp-admin). Anyone know what happened and how to fix this?! I REALLY hope I haven’t lost all of that code! I’m afraid to try to re-install for this reason.



you can either wait and hope it resolves itself or tell us your url so we can look at it. we are all customers here so its not like we can look over details of your account to try and see what’s up.


Hey! I just edited the post. Its tamaramichellestyling.com. I’m just hoping someone has encountered this before and might know what the deal is. Hosting is Dreamhost.


loads from dreamhost for me.

Name: apache2-snort.dinero.dreamhost.com

try forcing a refresh with ctrl-f5 and/or clearing your cache, and/or try a differnt browser, and/or a different computer, and or flush your DNS cache (different from browser cache). ( http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Flush_DNS )[hr]
A third party whois server is also correctly showing your nameservers to be dreamhosts.


It loaded for me from a different browser–it was just chrome apparently. Emptying the cache fixed it! Thank you so much for the help!