Wordpress Install-Phooey

Hmm, well so much for a 5 minute install for WordPress. I am following the directions from www.wombatnation.com. I ran the installer, everything appeared the way it was supposed to, but when I login it just gives me the login page again.

I know this is a symptom of the bug where you can’t have the blog in a sibling directory, but nowhere in the instructions does it say how to specify where the blog goes. I followed the instructions, but it gives my blog as being www.domainname.com/wordpress/ so the default puts the blog and the files in the same directory? And the default is that it doesn’t work?

Or is step 4 of the installer supposed to point to blog directory instead of install directory? Mine pointed to www.domainname.com/wordpress which was the install directory so I left it at that, but I can’t login.

I’m confused :frowning:

Anon, the blog directory is where the files are located, hence it is also the install directory. The login issue is a bit of a hot topic and there numerous fixes at the WordPress support forums. There are a few fixes at the following links.

You can snag a copy of the wp-login.php file from the v1.2 distro at the following link. Though, I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you don’t have to.

Please direct any future WordPress support requests to the WordPress support forums so we can help you quicker next time.


In my WordPress install instructions, I provided a link to a page on the WordPress site that has concise instructions for how to configure where your blog is located. I didn’t think I could add any value to what was on that page, so I just linked to it.


I was also having the dreaded login problem on another WordPress blog I manage. On that site, the blog was in domainame.com/blog/ and the wordpress directory was in domainanme.com/blog/wordpress.

I fixed the problem by upgrading to the newest version of WordPress. This was about a month ago. Since you are installing it now, I assume you would have downloaded the latest version even more recently. Unfortunately, all I can tell you is that the version of WordPress available about a month ago worked fine with the above directory structure.

I second MacManX’s suggestion to post on the WordPress support forums. There are a lot of people on those forums who know way more about WordPress than I do.


Thanks, but I think DreamHost just solved my biggest problem today :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help though, I’d been to the WordPress forums and none of the suggestions worked (and I had difficulty posting). I’d given up until DreamHost decided to do the one-click install thingey.

Now I just have to follow your spam proofing notes. :slight_smile: