Wordpress install on subdomain - can't find subdomain

Hi there,

I’m used to a different control panel on a different hosts so I’m a bit confused on installing and setting up WP on a subdomain here.

I did the advanced install and created the subdomain as part of the install. (I tried creating the subdomain first in the Domain Manager but it wouldn’t let me do the 1-click install).

But now, I don’t see the new subdomain listed under Domains, AND, I don’t see it via FTP. I went into a file view via the FTP and notice the only ‘subdomain’ is one that I created originally but deleted (KWIM.kaylahoward.com)

The current subdomain with WP loaded is:

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Ah, I see it now under the main domain.
I guess it needed time to populate.