WordPress Install on Current Domain


My current domain name is loribethdehertogh.com. I would like to delete the files in this directory (which I have been unable to do) and to do a one-click WordPress install into the directory loribethdehertogh.com. Is this possible?

In other words, I want to use a WordPress install to create a personal website at the URL loribethdehertogh.com, but am unsure of how to achieve this.

Thank you for your help,


Use FTP to log in and manually delete the files. If you cannot delete them make sure the account you logged in with “owns” the files. You can check that in the Dreamhost panel. Can you move the files? Try moving them out of the domain root directory.

If you cannot get ownership of these files, open a ticket with DH. They can zap them to oblivion for you.

Thank you for your help; I will try this!