Wordpress install - massive problems

Hey there Dreamhost forums,

I’m trying to set up a new installation of Wordpress at http://letterfor.ms which will become a blog site dedicated to type and lettering.

Problem is, I have encountered some really weird problems.

I’ve installed Wordpress ~6/9 times previously for other sites without issue, using either the Dreamhost one-click install or directly via FTP. Three days ago I successfully had an install of Wordpress running and was able to login to my admin panel. I activated Akismet, uploaded a theme to /content (but did not activate it) and then suddenly I could not log in to the admin panel. I was not receiving any error messages, it just was not logging me in - when I entered my login details it went through the loading screen then shot me back to the login page, with no information preloaded in the login forms.

At the point I was at with the development of the site (literally no posts created or content updated), I decided it would be easier to reinstall WP rather than try and trawl the database for the problem.

This is when I encountered my problem - I deleted all the files manually via FTP, then tried to do the one-click install with Dreamhost. This told me that I could not do so as letterfor.ms was already hosted with Dreamhost. So, I deleted the hosting from within the panel and tried again - this time, I could not specify the url.

Following this I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to rectify this - I have deleted all databases, listed the url as parked/DNS only/re-hosted to see if this would allow me to one-click install, uninstalled the one-click; I have also tried uploading a fresh WP ~6 times, each time encountering problems with ‘database error’ or ‘This domain already has a WP install’ or just garbled code.

I’ve submitted a report ticket to Dreamhost and received a reply asking me to supply more information, however in my initial email I outlined everything I could think of and can supply nothing further.

Has anyone else encountered something similar? It’s really frustrating me as I have now been working on JUST activating WP for 3 days solid, and it’s a waste of time.



I can commiserate with you. In my experience, some of the problems were due to delays between DNS updating the subdomain I installed in or delays on DH’s part in creating the installation. If you are in a hurry, sometimes this can be endlessly frustrating.

Anyway, what’s the main problem with your site at the moment? You can’t log in or ? It seems that your site is working now.

When I go to http://letterfor.ms I see ‘This domain is parked with Dreamhost!’ and no Wordpress.

Are you seeing a Wordpress default install?

I’ve had one more reply from a Dreamhost support person who says that it is a ‘technical bug’ they are ‘looking into’ - no word on how long this will take to fix. I’m frustrated that I’m having to wait ~20 hours to receive a ‘reply’, that has no actual information in it. Previous to this the DH support have been really helpful, but so far this is proving to be insanely frustrating - I’m at 4 days plus, JUST trying to install Wordpress… ridiculous.

i see a wordpress install. Perhaps you’re seeing a cached page?[hr]
Try this link - Google can see it fine: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=es&u=http://letterfor.ms/