Wordpress install issues

So to make a long story as short as possible, purchased a new domain and installed wordpress one click install (custom) and everything went ok. Since I am new to everything and learning as a I go, I saw the “parked” website feature under manage domains and thought it was a great idea while I worked on the site.
Wrong… Once I parked the site wordpress stopped working. Once I unparked the site my domain for some reason was deleted and I had to re-add it. Now, wordpress errors out every time I try to install it. There are some files and two folders under my domain that I can see in the webftp view but it wont let me delete them for some reason. I was hoping deleting the directly clean would all wordpress to install properly.

I tried reading up on now to use dreamhost tools and basic ftp usage but I am still lost on how to get wordpress installed now.

My only other question would be how to put a general “under maintence/construction” page while I am building the blog instead of people being able to view what I am doing to the domain as I update it. I assume the park feature is for something else?

Hi! I see you have submitted a ticket to our support team! We’re looking into it and will update you as soon as humanly possible. Thanks!

Just emailed you! Looks like you installed WordPress to a sub-directory (http://www.buxombunny.com/wordpress), where you will need to complete installation.

If you have any questions, please reply to the email directly! Thanks :slight_smile: