Wordpress - hide while building

newbie here… no pages on site other than index.html “coming soon”

I want the site to be wordpress-based, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to put it into a subdirectory. But while I’m playing with templates etc. I don’t want people to see the site.

I was thinking I could do this … tell me if it will/won’t work:

  1. Do the one-click install of WP, no subdirectoy.
  2. Keep both index.html and the WP-generated index.php in root. (I tested, and by default it appears that index.html comes up first if people just enter the domain name as the address).
  3. Add a robots text file that prevents search engines from indexing anything (temporarily)

Then when my wp is ready for prime time, I’ll delete index.html and the robots txt file. So people going to foobar.com/ will end up at foobar.com/index.php (the wp home page).

I know people could see the site by entering foobar.com/index.php, but if they’re working that hard then they’re welcome to rubberneck. :wink:

Does this sound like a plan?


You could also password-protect the sub-directory, while you are working on the site.


thanks for the reply artgeek.

But there’s a comment in that kbase article that password protectiing a wordpress directory screws it up… so I’d be hesitant to do that.

unless you’ve tried it already and it works fine?


Hmm, haven’t tried that (I just pick at mine in public…)

I guess you are referring to this:

You could probably password protect the directory first (just save the htaccess text and copy it back into the WP htaccess file), or add password protection to the WP htaccess file manually, one tutorial here:

Yes, that should work (your original plan with the index.html file). I’ve done similar things before. The index.php file won’t be treated as an index page until the index.html file is gone.

Only problem might be that there could be some internal links within WordPress that go the top level of the domain, rather than specifically to the index.php page, expecting that to be the index page there. So you might find yourself hitting your own coming soon page from time to time. But that’s probably only a minor nuisance.


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