Wordpress help

So I’m brand new to web design and just need a little help getting going.

I’m beginning to overhaul my work’s website. It’s been hosted here forever and is maintained via dreamweaver, which is a pain. I’d like to switch it over to wordpress because I understand that it’s very user friendly and will meet our relatively limited needs.

How to I make this change? Do I need to build a new site from scratch in wordpress first? Can I move the existing site as it is to wordpress and then modify.

TIA for your help.


assuming you want the same look, you’ll have to make a custom theme that mimics your current theme.

then you’ll have to take all of your content and put it in to wordpress, either page by page or, if you are skilled, you can write a script that will extract it and put it in the database for you. for a site with more than a few pages, this is actually a big project unless your site already keeps its content in a well-normalised database

Thanks bobo. I’m actually happy to scrap the site as is and start from scratch. Will this be less of a headache? The current site looks like crap to begin with.

The biggest factor is your content. If you have 100+ pages of static HTML pages, it would take some time to put all of that into WP’s database. It’s not impossible, but it would take time unless you have some ability to automate parts/all of it. You could write a small script to read your current site, extract the content, then post it to WP via XML-RPC… Someone may have written something to do that already. you might want to check.