Wordpress help

hey umm how can i make so that people can register on my site http://www.uzfilm.info/ ohhhh and also how can i make so that people that registered can post like create a post please tell me :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand your questions.

If you are trying to install Wordpress, you can go to DH panel --> Goodies --> One-Click Installs --> Wordpress. If you are new to Wordpress, you can start with easy mode.

If you are afraid that you will screw up your main domain, create a subdomain and install Wordpress in your subdomain first. When you are confident about the installation, install it on your main domain.

Good luck.

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Log into your WordPress admin and give your users Author capabilities. They generally get Subscribe access when they register. To allow users to register, go to Settings (General) and click the Anyone Can Register box. I’d leave the New User Default Role as Subscriber so they can’t post right when they sign up.



but i dont see my registration form

Proper themes have a Register link. If you’ve enabled registration, it may show up. It’ll definitely be at www.example.com/wp-login


ohhh cool ty for the help but now how can i make it so there will be “Create a New Post” inside a page

Create New Post is really a function within the wp-admin panel, but you can always create a link in your template that points to:

Granted, such a link will show up for everybody, but only permitted users will actually get the post form. Others will probably be prompted with the login page.


yea but i dont want a url thou i want the Create a New Post(you know when you though admin panel) to appear on the page

You mean just the form? I don’t think that’s easily possible. When submitted, I’m pretty sure you have no choice but to return to the admin page anyway.