Wordpress help needed (a lot)

[quote]hey i heard there are something called MORE TAG but how do i make it so there
are no things like “More” or Keep Reading" but just blank and if u want to
see the post u have to click it is there a code i mean how can i make the
posts like this[/quote]

You’d have to edit the PHP for wordpress. Maybe one of the templates. It’s an internal code that WP recognizes as a break in the story.

Where did you want the person to click to continue?


i want people clicking the title of the post to see the page and rest

In the Theme directory you’re using, there’s an index.php template. Find the line with “the_content” and tweak what’s inside the parentheses after the_content. In my case, it had the text to display, like “Read the rest of this post”, and it was inside single tick marks (’). Delete the text so you end up with empty tick marks like:

You may have to do the same with the single.php template.


Can anyone suggest me about adding images in the wordpress blog post???

Above the editing window, there are a series of light grey icons. The first one, kind of like a picture frame, is for inserting images.


it is not working take a look at animehana.info i want it to make it look like animecrazy.net where when u go into the catagories you dont see the content until u clicks the title of the post

It appears that they modified the template to in fact use the MORE tag, but they’ve incorporated the post name as part of the MORE tag. So instead of having empty single ticks, they have something like ‘Click to Watch’ [title], or something like that. It’s a matter of finding out what variable to insert to add the post title to the more tag.

Within the Categories, it looks like that’s the Archive template, but I’d have to fish around to see how it works.


hey cool ty achrive i did however got a problem im using ilcamro theme and check it out animehana.info when u go to catagories you do not see the next page or older posts

Best way to learn is to follow online tutorials.

I went to Categories, but all of your posts show up on a single page, so there won’t be any link to Next page or Older posts. Even your main page has everything all at once. You can set this in Settings -> Reading to lower the number of posts per page. It may apply to the Archive as well. This will help your site load much faster so users don’t have to wait for 26 video players to load at once.


k i change it it to 15 on each catagory but now i had 26 post and those after 15 are not appearing and there is no older post

Those templates are most likely missing the next_posts_link and previous_posts_link sections near the end. Take a look at the Default templates to see how they’re used.


Yup. Head over to wordpress.org, they have a codex list thatshould help you out with stuff like that.

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hey scot help look www.animehana.info i installed ilacrimo(you were right the theme was ilacrimo) HOwever when i installed ilacrimo i got this message

Warning: file(/home/eagleman209/animehana.info/wp-content/themes/illacrimo_wr/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/eagleman209/animehana.info/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/eagleman209/animehana.info/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

I thought it was nothing and when i added post to my catagory and looked at the catagory “next page” would not appear which means i could not see the older posts

That theme is missing a style.css file, which is the default css file WordPress tries to use. All themes I’ve seen have one.


but i tries to use like 6 themes and got that

When all else fails, try the Default theme (WordPress Default) and see if your site still works.