Wordpress Free Themes, We should use or not?

This web site gives wordpress free themes. Is it safe to using free wordpress theme or not for seo point of view.

My site www.tridindia.com is using a free theme and has 4 PR but my keywords are not coming up in Google. what should i do suggest me.

In addition to this i also need some SEO plugins that they are help to me for seo in wordpress site.

Is it possible that we can change our wordpress theme. Will it effect in google yahoo bing ranking?


The major point is not whether a theme is SEO friendly or not (because a well-constructed theme will give you control over that; in addition, what everyone considers good SEO varies from person to person), but whether a theme meets WordPress’s stringent standards, so that you can be sure it works and is free of wonky or malicious code. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who will add bad code to a free theme or plugin.

The only way to be sure you have a good free theme is to download one from the official WordPress theme respository:


thnx kjodle one more thing ,Is it possible that we can change our wordpress theme. Will it effect in google yahoo bing ranking?

My Site Is - http://www.tridindia.com

No, a free theme in and of itself DOES NOT impact your SEO.

The quality of the theme can, but free is not a good indicator of quality. TwentyFourteen is a free theme. It’s also awesome and SEO happy :slight_smile:

Your theme is Boldy from http://www.s5themes.com/theme/boldy/ which is from Site5 and those guys are pretty good people. I would not be suspicious of this theme being an issue with your SEO ranking, but more the perceived quality of content. The theme is by good peoples :slight_smile:

Mashing up what Ipstenu and abhivabhi said, TwentyFourteen IS awesome, but it is also popular, and I see it on a lot of sites. But you can easily create a child theme to make it unique and make your site stand out from the rest.

Again, proper coding is part of SEO, but it is more important to give people a reason to come back to your site: quality content, regular updates, sensible navigation (no more than two clicks to get from the front page to your content), make it easy to share, build a community by encouraging people to follow you on social media and then following them back.

It totally depends if you should use Free themes or not. There are a couple of factors that you need to ensure before installing a free theme.

  1. How many active installations does the theme have?
  2. What’s the overall feedback rating of the theme in question?
  3. When was the theme last updated?

If the theme has been downloaded by thousands of users, has a good feedback rating and it gets frequently updated then yes, by all means go ahead and use the theme.
You should be careful about the source where you’re download these themes from. It’s best to download from the author’s website directly instead of a third-party site. Here are some nice free Wordpress themes you can start with.