WordPress forced upgrade?

Um, what’s going on at dreamhost? I’ve been receiving messages like this:

[quote]We just upgraded your install of wordpress as requested at:


Important! Please visit http://mysite.com/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php
to update your database tables! Otherwise, you may see database errors or missing entries.

These are advanced one-click installs of WordPress which are not automatically upgraded! Why am I being forced to upgrade when I haven’t had a chance to test it out on my dev site yet?

And worse… by going to my site, i see that all traffic is diverted to the install page! My site is forced down… Then when I log into the forced upgrade, all content is gone!. WTF?

In the One-Click section of the web panel there is an option to “Upgrade Automatically Upgrade All Advanced One-Clicks Forever”, and what you are describing sounds very much like the behavior you will see if that has been clicked.

I see. I just spotted that after fixing up the site. Everything broke since I had moved wordpress to its own directory and changed the prefix of the database. Everything’s still there… resolved. Whew!

I jumped the gun on that one a bit, and I’ve changed the auto-upgrade to ‘notify’, but I wonder if the auto update script could be modified to check for mods such as what I’d done. That way the upgrade won’t break sites that have been modified. Or if that’s not feasible, checking to see if there are any mods, and if so, not upgrading but rather just send a notice that upgrading couldn’t be performed without checking the mods.

Thanks as always, rlparker, for your prompt advice!