WordPress files?

New WordPress user.
I received a message that WordPress had been successfully installed, and I am able to log in to my blog site just fine.

However, I can’t see the /wp-content directory from a web-browser or with ftp from the domain ftp.
From what I can gather it should be at:
Maybe I’m not using the right software: Firefox on WinXP and basic ftp program. Any hints?
If it helps, I seem to only be able to ftp to the main domain and not the blog.

The reason I need to access the WP install is to edit the theme I am using and be able to back up.

Thanks in advance,

If you used the Easy one-click install, you can’t get to the wp-content directory. Hence, the warning in the Easy install section that you can’t access your files.

You will need the Advanced one-click installation to be able to modify themes.


Thank you kindly, Scott.

Didn’t see the warning because my boss did the one-click install for me! I don’t have access to the account for all our domains.

Time to start over, I guess…

The WordPress admin panel does have a minimal backup utility under Tools. It will let you dump all posts and some other data to a backup file you’ll be able to import into your next installation.


I’ve used the advanced one-click install, and I still can’t see my WP files in FTP or shell. What should I try next?

Do you see the EXAMPLE.com folder for your wordpress domain when you FTP in? The files would be in there.


Nope, nothing there. I see the domain root directory, but no wordpress files under that. I thought perhaps I might have accidentally run an “easy” one-click install, so I made a second one with a different path. No WP files anywhere.

What is the URL of the installed WP?

–DreamHost Tech Support



Perhaps the first try glitched out or something?

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Well, the files are there, as evidenced by them displaying, and finding the css and theme files in http://cliotropic.org/blog/.

Are you sure you are logged into the correct server, and as the correct user? Note that you can have a “cliotropic.org” dir on any users space, and if you are logged into the wrong user you will see the dire, but not the “blog” sub-dire, which is were the WP files live. :wink:

–DreamHost Tech Support

Do you have mirroring set up or something? Looks to me like the files you are looking for are living in the “blog” and “blog2” sub-directories under the cliotropic.com directory (though they display from cliotropic.org as well)

–DreamHost Tech Support

Here’s what happened: I own cliotropic.org and cliotropic.com. (I registered cliotropic.com first, and it was the first domain I hosted at DH.) I have cliotropic.com set to redirect to cliotropic.org. When I did the one-click install—both times— I told the one-click installer to install it at cliotropic.org. It actually installed wordpress in my filesystem at ~/cliotropic.com/blog. Looks like a bug in the one-click system, perhaps?

In any case, I’ll just move the files in the filesystem from one domain to the other, and it should work.

Aha! Yes, I’d just discovered the same problem after hitting send on the last message. PEBCAK. Thanks.